Death Clock is a game that tries to predict your date of death. It asks a few questions and the AI will try to figure out when you might die. This is just a fun game, it's not serious, but by answering these questions you might be able to change your habits and live a better life.
This app will predict the date of your death. It's just for fun. You can give it a try to see whether you are healthy or not. The app is based on Artificial Intelligence and it will ask you some questions about your habits, your lifestyle, your eating habits, etc. We know that life is precious and we don't want to invite any kind of worry into our lives but sometimes it's good to know how much time we have left.
The Death Clock is a fun app that predicts the date of your death. No, it's not real, but maybe you'll take a minute to reflect on how you're living your life! Just answer a few questions and the AI will predict your date of death. Do you think there might be some lessons here? It's just a game, don't take it seriously - but you just might re-examine some things.

What's your gender?

In which year were you born?

Do you smoke?

What is your outlook?

What is your alcohol consumption?

What is your weight? (Kilograms)

What is your height? (Centimeters)

What continental are you living in?

Do you live in the city or in the village?

Do you suffer from any kind of chronic disease?

What are your eating habits?

How do you spend your working time?

Are you doing sports? (Regulary)

How much do you sleep at night?

Are there any heritable diseases in your family?